In celebration of Eid and bidding farewell to another Ramadan, I thought I’d show some love to Arabic typography. I grew up surrounded by family and friends who spoke ‘Dawat ni zaban’ literally translated to ‘The language of dawat’; a language that is derived from Arabic and makes use of its alphabet. So it comes as no surprise that I have a deep and rooted respect for Arabic. It is eloquent and poetic in all forms. Even the act of writing the letters is a practice in calligraphy, which can produce extremely beautiful results.

Here are a series of designs I found to inspire you.

By Furqan Jawed


By Rami Hoballah


By Rami Hoballah


By Eduard Dimasov


By Ruh Al-Alam


By Tarik El-Khateeb


By Mahdy & QAF Studio



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