It’s a safe bet to say that we live in the age of the superhero. What Marvel has been able to accomplish with their cinematic universe is a template that will be copied by all. These heroes, portrayed on screen and paper are an inspiration to many; indeed most kids two years and up will know most of the iconic ones; Superman, Batman, Spiderman… the list possibly goes on and on.

But what happens when fantasy bleeds into reality? This is Ryan Freeman’s excellent profile and glimpse into the life of Stephen Lawrence, a real life Batman who prowls the Canadian streets at night looking to bring justice to the criminal element.

It is an interesting showcase of a person’s psyche; a look at how one man can find the action of catching real life criminals therapeutic. Ryan Freeman’s impressive visuals and throbbing score underlines the importance of his actions and what can happen when an individual completely adopts the mindset of a fictional mythology.

Director Ryan Freeman continues to produce intriguing narrative and branded content for his creative agency, Lossless Creative.

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