The combination of photographs and a dab of photoshop mastery can produce a world of wonders. The sky is the limit they say and the imagination is the rocket you fly. Christoph Grey, a freelance graphic designer and illustrator is a self proclaimed ‘Visual Wanderer’, gaining inspiration from the places he travels to, applying it to his work to create unique and conceptually sophisticated pieces of art.


He does a better job of explaining it:


Black(out) & White(ness) is a personal project of (mostly) black and white photographs and illustrations. I started making them on my journey through Marokko. A land that fascinates me with it’s obsession of patterns in architecture, fashion and graphic design. I was curious about the visual outcome of a reduced color palette and fascinated about the blurred line of  “design” and “art”. I also wanted to research what the word “beauty” and “aesthetic” means for me these days. As well as the tiny line between intuition (“Blackout”) and conception (“Whiteness”). I hope you’ll find looking at the images as enjoyable as me making them.
For more great projects from Christoph, visit his portfolio on his website. He is also active on Facebook and Instagram.

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