Presenting the client with the proposed designs is perhaps the most stressful part of being a designer. The hard part is cracking the problem of the brief and coming up with several solutions. The client can dismiss all this hard work with a flick of his hand and all you can do is nod politely while breaking down emotionally inside. It’s part of the job. Being professional means accepting criticism (sometimes none at all) and placing the rejected designs onto a back burner while gearing up for the next round.

Yumirific by Fernando Báez, an Art Director and freelance Graphic Designer based in Madrid, Spain, highlights several variations of one brief.


This project by Fernando highlights the nature of a designer’s job; not every great effort will be accepted, but hopefully one translates to the client’s need and wants.


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  1. Tasneem

    I completely agree with this. It’s absolutely disheartening when clients reject the work after all that effort. But then we realise that all this work contributes to our personal portfolio. Which makes it worthwhile in the end!

  2. Taher Sajjadhusain

    Absolutely! Your personal portfolio grows as well. That’s one way of looking at things.