‘Various Posters’ is a project on Behance by Stuttgart based graphic designer Marvin Paul Schwaibold. Dubbed as an experimental series, this is a mixture of personal and client projects that focused on getting out of his own comfort zone in terms of aesthetics.

In his own words:

“Various Posters is a project I started 6 months ago. I focused on trying out new styles, new techniques, experimenting around with typography and colors. Most importantly I really tried to get out of my comfort zone. I got inspired by some more “artsy” designers out their and create work that I normally would not make. Design changes all the time and is dependent on a lot of social and historical factors that evolve rapidly. Trends alter and mutate and new perspectives and viewpoints appear. Its hard to work against your usual workflow when you are constantly questioning the work you are creating. Non the less I have never had this much fun creating new personal and client projects.”








This takes me back to my college days when it was nothing but experimenting with styles and trends; mixing one with another to see what works and what absolutely doesn’t. Marvin, through his project, has managed to get a nice collection of collage inspired, warped and psychedelic typography designs.



For more work by Marvin, visit his Dribble, Facebook, Vimeo and Instagram.


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