Memories are precious things. They link us to the past. They are proof that we exist, not merely physically, but mentally as well. Memories define us, motivate us and bring us closure. Memories also need to be nurtured, lest they be forgotten. When Manon Gabriels, a Ghent, Belgium based graphic designer, shifted to a new house and new neighborhood, she felt compelled to create a wonderful ‘memoryfolio’ of her time growing up in her old house- as a form of therapy.


In a few weeks, I’m moving to a different region in Belgium. This is a big change and that’s why I decided to make something that would help me say goodbye to my old house – where I grew up – and prepare myself for a new neighbourhood and a new house. 

The result is a book/folder full of memories, pictures and research. There are 2 chapters, one about the old house and the other about the new one. Every document can be taken out of the folder separately so I can always add new memories and pictures.



For more thoughtful and splendid work by Manon, visit her Instagram here.


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