Most movie posters, especially blockbuster movie posters, are designed around the actors as opposed to central concept or story line to draw in the maximum number of audiences. I feel there is a sore lack of creativity in the industry where posters are concerned, the product which is often the first thing audiences are privy to in marketing hype leading to the release of a film. Can we bring back Drew Struzan?

I came across this series by Sebastian Onufszak, his series of posters inspired by Polish poster designs, with a focus on psychopaths portrayed in cult hits such as Taxi Driver, The Shining and Apocalypse Now to name a few.

They are absolutely riveting, managing to capture the voice of the movie if nothing else.



Sebastian Onufszak is a designer and illustrator based in Augsburg, Germany. He has worked with an international range of clients including Adidas, IBM and Google to name a few. For more information:


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