We are all at a loss for words at times. Sometimes you just can’t find it, other times they end up being stuck at the tip of your tongue, and more often than naught, its because of shock. In this day and age where technology seems to ease the process of life, Alex Pluda a UI/UX designer, has come up with a concept to help you find the word you’re looking for.

Defind is an app that lets you type in a sentence that best describes the word you’re looking for, and its little assistant will get to work and find it for you. I really appreciate the thought behind the functionality and overall minimal approach; especially the colors. They are very soothing to the eye.



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  1. Shabbir Sajjadhusain

    Is this app available for download? Sounds cool

    1. Taher Sajjadhusain

      I don’t think it is 🙁 Still in concept stage I believe.