Anyone dissecting David Fincher is always a win. No matter how you look at it or how many times you take a go at his work, there is always something new to analyse, some new methodology that he employs in his camerawork, that you can learn from. I watched The Nerdwriter’s video on how ‘David Fincher hijacks your brain’ and it blew my mind.

The Nerdwriter examines the manner in which David Fincher subtly follows his subject’ movements, allowing the audience to understand and absorb the character portrayed in the films.

As always, The Nerdwriter showcases us his analysis in a manner that is simple with clarity.



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  1. Shabbir Sajjadhusain

    The example he used to bring this point to our attention, the part where Daniel Craig moves back in realization and the camera moves with him, is the perfect point to start with. It’s something that had stuck with me as well from the time I watched it. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a master class in cinematography!