It’s safe to say that the Star Wars fever is never going away. The Earth may implode and wipe out humanity, aliens may come and settle on the leftover debris. They may come across a torn Star Wars poster. And thus, Star Wars will remain immortal.

Rogue One was well received and the new generation have already jumped on the bandwagon, and the older fans are jubilant to be relevant again. It’s a win-win all around.

I found this magical gem by way of Ashraf Omar; a self taught illustrator and motion graphics artist based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I like the way the vibrant colors interact with the static artworks, it brings the pieces to life. I have a bias towards a neon bright palette against a dark background. It reminds me of Blade Runner, and I think that’s not a bad thing at all. The static electricity on some of the pieces also reminds me of Kylo Ren’s serrated lightsaber.



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