I love the idea of blogging. I love the idea of sharing what I think are great projects done by great people. Sagecraft has been the culmination of those two ideas. It’s nothing new in the landscape that is the internet, but it is a personal endeavor. I lapsed on some posts last month, but I’m eager to get back on my daily schedule with intention to explore new content. To kick things off with is the new design of the website.

I use WordPress for for my blogging needs. And the template I chose for this quarter is ‘Moustache’ by Pixel Throne. I chose it for a number of reasons; the block concept sounds pretty sweet, and the ability to customize with Visual Composer is always a win. Plus the theme is very minimal and eye catching because of its austere ornaments. With a little tweaking, I managed to get Sagecraft up to speed with little to no effort. I did run into an issue that was solved by contacting Pixel Throne directly. Their customer service was splendid.

So to sum it all up, new design, new content, reinvigorated passion. Let’s go Sagecraft 2.0!

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