I’m a sucker for a well made book. Some books whisper their secrets to you even before you flip past the first page. Some books feel as if they were made for your hands. Some giggle as you caress the cover. Perhaps this is why the expression ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ came into being.

Serafim Mendes is a 22 year old graphic designer based in Porto, Portugal. Among other things, he likes to focus on typography, 3D illustration and editorial design. I had the pleasure of going over his project: The Space Race. While the content was not created by him, the layout and overall build of the book was designed by him and is the sole focus of his project.

I must say, his grid layout and use of text and photography are extremely well judged and no doubt is a pleasure to pick up and pore through.



For more information on Serafim, visit him on Facebook, Instagram and Dribble


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