Now Reading: A Spiderman Homecoming Tribute by Paul Ainsworth

A Spiderman Homecoming Tribute by Paul Ainsworth

Spiderman was a large part of my childhood. When Sam Raimi’s first Spiderman came out I was a young lad impressionable enough to fanboy the heck out of it. I don’t despise the Amazing Spiderman played by Andrew Garfield either; I thought Marc Webb and his team did a really good job of improving on everything web slinging, but perhaps not so much on the story. And now we have Spiderman Homecoming, that takes the mythos further with the help of the MCU.

It truly is a wonderful time to be alive.

Paul Ainsworth’s tribute to Spiderman Homecoming is a brilliant effort and gives praise to Todd McFarlane’s contribution to Spiderman in the comics.



Paul Ainsworth is a Senior Art Director, Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Ontario, Canada. For more of his stellar work, you can find him on his Portfolio website.


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