It helps to flex my Photoshop skills by indulging in some good ol’ photo manipulation.

Over the course of a week, it is easy to get fatigued by daily problem solving which is the backbone of a designer’s motif.

To avoid this mental fatigue, I like to kick back and relax with that old bird, Photoshop. She’s a beast, no mistake and mastering any software is a test of patience and practice; hence this growing collection of surreal pieces.

I was inspired by Amr Elshamy’s Round Things series to which he even made a tutorial; you can see it here.

Working on this series I learned a couple of things, namely the story of the piece can unfold naturally; each step of the process guiding you organically towards an abstract narrative that you may find satisfactory.

I also learned that photo manipulation is a delicate process of trial and error, bridging the gap between what reflects the real world and what is naturally surreal. Part of the fun is bridging the gap and finding the right balance.

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