Today, everyone has something to say. Be it about their latest vacation, adventure or just how they lazed the entire day and flipped through a whole horde of Netflix shows. Everyone likes to share their world, and technology has brought everything to the palm of their hands, literally. From Facebook to Snapchat; Facetime to Whatsapp; the options are seemingly limitless on how you can let your people know what you are doing. But the grand-daddy of them all is the Blog. The concept that started everything.



The term “Blog” was coined in the 1990s and was shortened from the term “weblog”. The term was used to describe a site that was essentially an online journal. Individuals used the site to write down their thoughts and feelings on topics that varied from themselves to anything that they were interested in. It was usually managed by one person and many a times, if the blog attracted enough attention, the “blogger” could build a large fan following, achieve fame and also be perceived as an expert on the topic they wrote about. Oh and yes, IF your site could bring in the hits, you could also make some serious money (let’s talk more on this later).

The prevalence of blogging was aided by the timely rise in online publishing tools, which meant that non-technical writers could successfully run their own blog without any knowledge of HTML. Several companies, such as (which this blog runs on as well), grew to serve this booming market of bloggers. By around the 2010s blogs were being professionally edited, managed by multiple authors and used by a myriad of establishments such as newspapers, magazines, universities, advocacy groups etc.


What is it now?


The most popular content management systems available today
The most popular content management systems available today


Blogs and blog services have become so advanced that they have become a complete content management system. There are so many tools at your disposal that if you want to build your own website, you could always start with a blogging system. That is not to say that, when you want to build something extra special, you don’t need at least a basic knowledge of HTML and a net-based programming language. But for something basic, you could always turn to systems such as:


Let’s get started

Enough about what a blog is. If you are interested in more details of it’s history, we’re sure you can do some googling. Let’s now get onto the more interesting bits. Starting your own blog!

We ourselves prefer to use WordPress, but we won’t only show you how to set up the blog, we’ll talk about what to keep in mind when writing, how to market your blog, how to incorporate social media, make your blog/site appear on search engines and everything else.


Click on The Art of the Blog: Part 2 – Getting Started


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