Now Reading: ‘The Undiscovered Country’ by Azmah Nihar

‘The Undiscovered Country’ by Azmah Nihar

Student projects are the epitome of creativity because there is a limitless boundary to how far you can take a project within the scope of real life scenarios. This project titled ‘The Undiscovered Country’ by Azmah Nihar was her final major project, and it highlights a period of history in Sri Lanka that stems from violence and racism. The resulting book is a fine collection of emotions; a narrative that is a snippet of what transpired in that period.


Concept moodboard


Visual Style


Development work


You may follow Azmah Nihar’s blog and her member page on the International Society of Typographic Designers.

All Photographs courtesy of Janith Lekamwasam.


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Taher Sajjadhusain

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