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Lost via Unsplash

Unsplash is a wonderful resource for high resolution photographs that you can download and use for anything you wish, no strings attached. You can use it for any design project; be it a mock up or an asset is completely up to you.

The Via Unsplash series is a theme based curation, with this week’s theme being ‘Lost’, that sensation which can leave you helpless, disoriented or simply caught up in a single moment of wonderment and sensation. These are, of course, subjective to the viewer, but it is a shift in perspective nevertheless and I hope that it can inspire you in some form or another.


Photo by Todd Diemer


Photo by Andrew Neel


Photo by Hoach Le Dinh


Photo by Samuel Zeller


Photo by George Hiles


Photo by Jace Grandinetti


Photo by Nomao Saeki


Photo by Ashim D’ Silva




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Taher Sajjadhusain

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