For my final year project, I had the opportunity to explore the potential of a hotel for the unsighted; enhancing the tactile experience not simply in visual aesthetics but in all the other senses. The final outcome, though not perfect, allowed me to broaden my mind in how I approached design. So it was a pleasure to see another project delving into similar emotions.

BIAŁO (WHITE) is a project by Maria Szczodrowska, A Poland based book designer, who wished to design a book that could appeal to both sighted and unsighted people. In her own words;

Book has been made to appeal to sighted and unsighted people. The use of tactile pictures as well as traditionally printed and embossed Braille texts is aimed at broadening the multisensory reception of artists’ books by the sighted and the blind. The topic of vision loss is subtly developed in the short text and provides the rationale for all formal procedures applied in the work. The series has been made with reference to picture books (unavailable for the group in question).
For more work by Maria, you can find her on Behance.

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