I was watching The Reel Rejects do a short film reaction of #NoFilter; a Filipino horror short film made by Luigi Rosario.

#NoFilter makes use of an interesting desaturated color palette that gives the entire piece a muted, ominous ambiance. The blues in the background stood out the most, making the entire short film memorable in its aesthetics. The pacing can be jarring, but it doesn’t take away from the experience; most horror films can be slow and suspenseful which is a trope #NoFilter makes no effort to emulate. It benefits from the sharp cuts and quick narration. Rosario’s team also makes good use of ambient sound, heightening the sense of discomfort for the viewers. I’ll end this suggestion of the week by saying #NoFilter won the Special Jury Award at the 39th Metro Manila Film Festival.

You can find the film on both YouTube and Viddsee.


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