I am a huge fan of Japanese art and script design. Their aesthetic is wholly unique, both minimal and fluid at the same time. I had even based one version of the ‘Sagecraft’ logo on Japanese script. So naturally, this piece on a ramen restaurant piqued my interest immediately. Mortise Design is a Tokyo based designer and illustrator who brings in a large amount of culture in his work.

In their own words:

Noroshi is a Japanese ramen restaurant serving regional noodle dishes from Hakodate,Hokkaido since 2014 . Hakodate is famous of its rich aquatic products. Noroshi would like to bring the indigenous flavour to Tokyo and we create a series of designs referring to that idea to manifest the property and origin of each ingredient.The Japanese characters,
のろし(Noroshi) means smoke signals which is illustrated by the graphic including the characters.
For more information on Mortise Design, visit: @LeeChingTat.

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