There are so many things vying for my attention in my everyday life that I am developing a shorter attention span. This is especially detrimental when it comes to slowing down long enough to appreciate a very intricate, extremely poignant piece of art. I realized this upon coming across Archan Nair’s Orca Series entry on Behance.

The artworks are rendered with swathe of swirls and popping colors that you can’t help but be mesmerized by them. It’s akin to enjoying a long extended vacation via an acid trip, the good kind. The best part is studying each piece long enough to unravel a particular detail hidden within the onslaught of imagery.

Archan Nair is based in New Delhi, India and is a self taught illustrator and Art Director, specializing in mixed media, illustrations and digital art. What is truly inspiring is his switch to being a full time artist after stepping into the industry a year prior.



For more information on Archan Nair visit his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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