Like many Pokemon geeks out there, I lost my shit at the thought of a Pokemon game influenced by AR. I followed the progression of its development and eventual release with much anticipation, and like many others here in Sri Lanka, I side-loaded the APK and played it when it hadn’t officially released in this part of the world. We all know the hype surrounding the game (and most of us rode that train till it got banned here) so I won’t dive into that per se. What I’m curious to study is the saturated world of Pokemon GO where its trend has seemingly peaked.

I’ll be honest with you, since Pokemon GO officially released in most parts of Asia, I’ve been playing it almost daily. I haven’t had the chance to play Sun and Moon, but I have Pokemon GO on at almost every commute and opportunity. Needless to say I’m a fan.


My Thoughts


I’ve had my time with the game, and my opinion is this; the novelty takes its time to run dry.

What I mean by that is this: the more new Pokemon I catch the more I rediscover the joy of playing the game. Forget the Gym Battles; maintaining a Gym is REALLY hard work. You can expect a gym to be recaptured within a few minutes, so it becomes a bore after a while. Almost a grind, and if that’s your cup of tea, by all means, keep battling the good battle.

What keeps me engaged is the act of collecting and evolving the Pokemon themselves. I admit, back in the hey-day of collecting the Trading Cards, I was a self-proclaimed ‘Set’ collector. I remember Trading a Celebi for a Swampert just so I could finish the set. The same holds true for me now; completing the Pokedex is my top priority. I’m Team Mystic after all.



Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not going to go running after a rare Pokemon using the Nearby feature if I’ve winded down after a long day. I’m a casual gamer, but one in it for the long haul.

It’s also great to see the ‘Nearby’ function actually…. functional and useful.

I’m excited by the prospect of ‘events’ taking place, and crowd capturing that damn Mewtwo they teased in their promo video.


Useful Features I’d Like, Right Now!


I’d like to be notified of a Pokemon I’ve already captured and currently in my collection so as to make some informed decision from the capture screen itself. For e.g. ‘Captured a Pikachu. What’s that? I see a record of a Pikachu with a higher CP currently in my bag? TRANSFER!!!!!’

The number one pains I have is the ABSOLUTE inability to capture a pokemon you come across when you’ve run out of Pokeballs. In reality, as an adult *cough* I’m stuck behind a desk for most of the day so I can’t really run after a Pokestop, not if I want to keep my job. A handy feature would be the ability to transfer items from a friend or collegue. The charitable person receives some form of reward (maybe a loot box or something).

In terms of user experience, I think Niantic have done a fine job. They have improved on the transferring capability, allowing for a multiple selections. That definitely makes life easier. That’s the best part of the current app eco-system; you can expect improvements to be made as long as the studio and makers are listening to their user base.

I have faith that Pokemon GO will endure the downward spiral of its hype with fresh new features and (most importantly) new Pokemon.


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