I’ve been following the work of Sam and Niko on their Corridor Digital channel for quite a few years. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing their progress from creators on YouTube to directing their own web series called ‘Lifeline’, of which one of the producers is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Danny Garcia’s Seven Bucks Productions.

Their episodes on their Youtube channel are often driven by special effects whilst telling a uniquely woven story. They produce vlogs and behind the scenes footage on their secondary channel which is simply titled ‘SamandNiko’. These vlogs and BTS footage often have hilarious content consisting of their studio shenanigans and overall culture; which is for the most part portrayed as a mixture of cheerful melodrama and general meltdowns when a deadline is on the horizon (usually the next day).






Over at their Corridor channel:





If you’re someone like me, someone who enjoys the nitty gritties of what the work goes on at a film/special effect studio, then the work these guys pump out will surely soothe your jelly.


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